Year 12 Electricity (NCEA Level 2)

General Electricity

Electric Fields (part 1)

Electric Fields (part (2) – work and voltage

Electric Fields (sample calculations 01)

Electric Fields (sample calculations 02)

Electrical Power Calculation

Static Electricity 

What is static electricity and how does it occur?

The Van de Graaff Generator

Charging by induction

DC Electricity 

Electrical Symbols and Circuit Diagrams


Electron Flow vs. Conventional Current


Resistance (part 1) – what it is and what affects it

Resistance (part 2) – equations of resistance

Resistance (part 3) – deriving the resistance equations

The Voltage Divider

Resistance extras (4 parts) – How well do you really understand resistance?

Current and Voltage in Series and Parallel

Electrical Power Formula


Magnetism – what is it, what causes it, and the link to electricity

Electromagnetism (part 1) – Forces and Induction

Electromagnetism (part 2) – modifying for angles

The DC Motor