Scholarship Physics

This page has some relatively brief worked examples of scholarship questions from past NCEA scholarship physics exams.

To view the more detailed Scholarship Physics video solutions from Dr. Marcus Wilson of the University of Waikato, please visit this page: Scholarship – Dr. Marcus Wilson. This is an excellent resource which you cannot go past if you are serious about your Scholarship Attempt.



Question 1 – Modern Physics (Photoelectric Effect, Fission, Special Relativity)
Question 2 – Inductance
Question 3 – Doppler Effect (Falling cell phone)
Question 4 – Motion (Vertical projectile motion and collisions)
Question 5 – Physics Compilation (orbits, circuits, electrostatics)
Question 6 – Simple Harmonic Gravity (Oscillating due to gravity)



Question 1 – Interference of molecules (rather than light)
Question 2 – Gravitation inside and outside the earth
Question 3 – Standing waves in a clarinet and a flute
Question 4 – Energy and charge in a capacitor where plates are moved and a dielectric is added
Question 5 – Pendulums (forces, small angle approximation, and an interesting pendulum variation)
Question 6 – Collision between charged pucks on a frictionless surface



Question 1 – Nuclear reactions, contradictions, and solar power
Question 2 – AC Circuits with inductors, lamps, and internal resistance
Question 3 – Capacitor used to charge another capacitor
Question 4 – Red shift and the Doppler Effect
Question 5 – SHM using two springs and changing mass during the motion
Question 6 – Road safety and pulleys



Question 1 – Electrons (Bohr, magnetism, electrostatics, and capacitors)
Question 2 – AC circuits (RMS tricky bits + an LR circuit)
Question 3 – Trebuchet (range, energy and firing on the moon)
Question 4 – Loop the loop (vertical circular motion and rotational kinetic energy)
Question 5 – Diffraction gratings and 2-point source interference
Question 6 – Snowboarding landings from a drop



Question 1 – Nuclear Physics (spectroscopy, fusion, photoelectric effect)
Question 2 – The wine butler (torque and equilibrium)
Question 3 –
Question 4 –
Question 5 –
Question 6 –