Introduction to Motion (all levels)

What is motion and what causes it?

Newton’s 3 laws

Translational, Rotational, and Combined Motion (examples)

Kinematic Equations (NZ Level 2 Physics)

Kinematic Equation Derivation (part 1)

Kinematic Equation Derivation (part 2)

Problem solving process for physics 01

Projectile Motion (NZ Level 2 Physics)


Vertical Projectile Motion (part 1)

Vertical Projectile Motion (part 2)

Horizontal Projectile Motion (part 1)

Horizontal Projectile Motion (part 2)

Horizontal Projectile Motion (part 3)

Circular motion (NZ Level 2 Physics)

Circular motion (introduction and overview)

Circular motion and constant speed while accelerating

Equations of circular motion

Centrifugal versus Centripetal (force)

Showing the direction of acceleration for circular motion (mathematical proof)

Why don’t we get thrown off the earth?

Momentum (NZ Level 2 Physics)

Change in momentum (impulse) in 2-dimensions (pre-iPad example)

Torque and Equilibrium


Equilibrium (Newton’s first law applied)

Energy (NZ Level 2 Physics)

Introduction (including some equations)

Work (and energy in springs)

Energy calculations 01 (weight, spring constant, energy stored in a spring)

Energy calculations 02 (mechanical power)

Elastic vs Inelastic (collisions)

Power, Work, and Force (worked example)

Revisiting the Basics and Stepping Up a Bit (NZ Level 3 Physics)

Centre of Mass and Momentum

Circular Motion (NZ Level 3 Physics)

Horizontal Circular Motion (Conical Pendulum)

Banked Corners

Vertical Circular Motion

Satellites and Orbital Motion

Rotational Motion (NZ Level 3 Physics)

Rotational Motion (angular displacement, velocity, acceleration)

Rotational version of Kinematic Equations

Rotational Inertia

Angular Momentum Newton’s Second Law (in rotation)

Rotational Energy

Simple Harmonic Motion (NZ Level 3 Physics)

Introduction and Overview

SHM, Phasors, and  Equations of Motion

The Pendulum (Simple, Broken, & Other Variations)

Deriving the Pendulum Equation (for Period)

A Mass on a Spring (& Similar Variations)

Deriving the Mass on a Spring Equation (for Period)

SHM, Measurement, and the Pendulum

Energy in SHM (and Damping)

Damping and Resonance in SHM