How to Use The Lounge

Watching videos is never enough.

You can watch without realising that your brain is disengaged and then walk away feeling like you’ve done something useful when you really haven’t.  It’s an horrific experience to have “worked so hard” in study, only to find yourself staring blankly at your exam trying to work out what to do next.

The solution is to make sure that you practice exactly what you will be doing during an exam.  Not the exact paper of course, but the whole “sitting down and trying sample papers” process.  Make sure that you cover each topic you will be sitting for.

The more that you practice, the easier it will get!

How to use these videos? (Students)

Really, you can use them any way that you want, but I have a suggested process.

  1. Watch all the topic videos for which you are studying
  2. Watch a bunch of videos of related experiments (YouTube search for your topic)
  3. Pause videos as you write down questions that occur to you
  4. Visit the forum or search the Internet to find answers to your questions
  5. Download a sample exam and do it
  6. Mark the sample yourself using the answers
  7. Where you went wrong, make sure you know why
  8. Watch a video of the sample exam you just did to help cement the knowledge
  9. Do the exact same sample exam again and re-mark
  10. Repeat (with different sample exams) until you are confident of your ability to achieve your goals

How to use these videos? (Teachers)

Again, it is totally up to you how you use these videos.  I offer a couple of suggestions:

  • Students can watch videos at home (so that you can get straight to the cool demonstrations and sample problems in class)
  • Set a video for homework to revise what you have covered in class – perhaps ask students to write one comment or question about the video so that you know they are watching them and thinking about them.  You could easily use the forum for this.
  • Set a problem for the students to investigate or a practical (engineering perhaps) task to complete, something for which they will need to research new concepts.  As they hit barriers, direct them to videos.  They can keep a journal of their progress in the forum so that others can learn from them.

If you have used this website in a particularly innovative way, we would love to hear from you.  If you feel the site has made a positive impact on your teaching or learning we would also love to hear your success story.  You can take two minutes to contact us via the contact page.

Happy lounging!