General Physics Skills

The Nature of Science

The nature of Science

Investigative/Experimental Skills

SHM, Measurement, and the Pendulum (good for NCEA internals at L2 and L3)

GRAPHING – linear graphing and finding the equation

GRAPHING – non-linear graphing and finding the equation

01 Aim, Equipment, Method

02 Recording Results

03 Results Processing (i) (averages)

04 Results Processing (ii) (graphing)

05 Results Processing (iii) (transforming your results and graphs)

06 Results Processing (iv) (finding an equation from a straight line graph)

07 Conclusion

08 Discussion and Evaluation of the Investigation

Measuring Skills

How to use a ruler

How to use a stopwatch

How to use a measuring cylinder (volume measurement)

How to use a multimeter

How to use an electronic balance

How to use a force meter

Math Skills

Problem solving process for physics 01

Problem solving process for physics 02 (change in a vector quantity example)

Anticipating – a problem solving skill

Units and Multipliers

Significant figures and decimal places

Units Notation