General Electricity (NZ Level 2 Physics)

Electric Fields (part 1)

Electric Fields (part (2) – work and voltage

Electric Fields (sample calculations 01)

Electric Fields (sample calculations 02)

Electrical Power Calculation

Static Electricity (NZ Level 2 Physics)

What is static electricity and how does it occur?

The Van de Graaff Generator

Charging by induction

DC Electricity (NZ Level 2 Physics)

Electrical Symbols and Circuit Diagrams


Electron Flow vs. Conventional Current


Resistance (part 1) – what it is and what affects it

Resistance (part 2) – equations of resistance

Resistance (part 3) – deriving the resistance equations

The Voltage Divider

Resistance extras (4 parts) – How well do you really understand resistance?

Electromagnetism (NZ Level 2 Physics)

Magnetism – what is it, what causes it, and the link to electricity

Electromagnetism (part 1) – Forces and Induction

Electromagnetism (part 2) – modifying for angles

The DC Motor

DC Electricity (NZ Level 3 Physics)

Internal Resistance and EMF

Kirchoff’s Current Law

Kirchoff’s Voltage Law

Kirchoff’s Laws – sample calculations (part 1)

Kirchoff’s Laws – sample calculations (part 2)

Capacitors (NZ Level 3 Physics)

Introduction to Capacitors

Adding Capacitors in Parallel and Series (with each other)

Charging and the Time Constant


Electromagnetism (NZ Level 3 Physics)

Electromagnetic Induction – Faraday’s law, Lenz’s law and loops

The Transformer

Inductance (Mutual, Self, Energy Stored)

Inductors in DC and the Time Constant

AC Electricity (NZ Level 3 Physics)

Alternating Current and Power

Capacitors in AC 

Inductors in AC (including impedance)

LCR circuit (including resonance)